Endless Stars is a long-form web novel that updates on Sundays at about 0:00 GMT, with a break between volumes.  The first chapter may be found here, and an archive of all chapters here. While this is not a dark story, there may be glancing depictions of violence or sensitive topics.
For a brief description of the story:
Stars are all Kinri has.  Exiled from the noble heights of the sky, the dragoness scrapes by in the backwater crags of the land of glass and secrets. It’s a chance to make friends and live a simple life away from her family⁠ ⁠—⁠ that’s all she wants.  She’s different now, and she’ll prove it.  But can she even convince herself?
Meanwhile, in the long shadow of her legendary alchemist grandfather, Hinte struggles to find something to call her own.  Out in the depths of the town’s volcanic lake, she sifts for mysterious stones, and it seems she’s found it⁠ ⁠—⁠ but her new sense of purpose doesn’t escape those around her.
United by circumstance, the pair struggle to find common ground.  When Kinri finally convinces Hinte to bring her along on a sifting expedition, she’s curious then baffled as the mysteries pile up, and her new companion remains tight-lipped and distant.  Is this just sifting, or something more?
Interested?  Find out here.
* * *